Regulations Related to Land Registry

1- The title deed should be arranged in such a way that there is no foreign nationality in the past.
2- If the owner of the land is a foreign national, the construction contract for Decking should be annotated to the deed.
3- If it is desired to apply for citizenship through the sales promise agreement, the floor pay must be established and the payment must be made in advance until the moment of the contract at the latest. It is mandatory to reach 400 thousand dollars with a single sales promise contract.
4- If a place taken for Turkish citizenship application is returned to its former owner after 3 years, its citizenship must be revoked.
5- Although there is no citizenship from a single title deed, it is provided that you take many deeds and have a total of 400 thousand dollars. This rule is not to be confused with the promise of sales. This rule is important in the promise of sales. There is an obligation to reach 400 thousand dollars in a single contract. In normal title deed purchases, as many title deeds as you want can be taken.

NOTE : Regarding the changes that have taken place in the migration management, the investor must also be present at the file delivery while obtaining a residence permit for the investor. Because the fingerprint requirement was introduced. The investor can leave after giving his fingerprint.