Alanya Castle
The History of Alanya Castle

The history of the Alanya Castle M.He. 4. it dates back to the century before the Hellenistic period. The ancient writer Strabo described the city, which was called Korakesion (Coracesium) at that time, as a fortress built on a steep rock. Due to the fact that it was founded on a high peninsula, it is difficult to reach from land and sea, and it is easy to defend, Alanya Castle has been continuously inhabited throughout history. With its long history, the castle has reached its present magnificent state during the Seljuks period.

During the Byzantine period, the name of the castle was called Korakesion (Güzeldağ). Some of the artifacts that have survived in and around the castle date from the Byzantine period. In 1221, Alaeddin Keykubat took the castle and the Seljuk domination began. Since that date, the city has been named “Alaiyye” in honor of the conqueror, and many important works today were made during this period. This name is changed to Alanya by Atatürk during the Republican period. The castle enters the administration of Karamanoğulları in 1293 during the collapse period of the Anatolian Seljuks. Anadolu Selcuklu. In 1427, the Karamanoğulları sold Alanya to the Mamluks. Alanya came under the rule of the Ottomans in the time of Fatih Sultan Mehmet Khan in 1471. The Süleymaniye Mosque and the bedesten are artifacts dating from the Ottomans.

Sultan Alaeddin Keykubat 1. The Red Tower built by him is the key point of the Alanya Castle. The castle walls (defense line) starting from here go up to the west and reach the Ehmedek section of the castle. The walls heading south from here meet Içkale, Adama Atacağı, above Cilvarda Cape, Arap Evliyasi Burcu respectively and descend to Esat Burcu from here. From here, it meets with Tophane and Shipyard and joins with Kızılkule again. This area is the Alanya Castle. The length of the walls of the Alanya Castle is 6500 meters and there are 140 bastions on them. A part of the tunnel that goes out from the Red Tower and extends to the ships to the port has also survived to the present day.

Alanya Shipyard

It is located at the end of the small beach located next to the Red Tower. The Shipyard and the Armory are visited with the same entrance fee. Its construction was started in 1227 and completed in a year.

The sea-facing facade of the shipyard, which consists of five arched eyes, is 56.5 meters and its depth is 44 meters. The place chosen for the shipyard is planned to make the most of daylight. The inscription on the entrance gate of the shipyard bears the coat of arms of Sultan Keykubat and is decorated with badges. The historical Alanya Shipyard was built by the Seljuks and has the characteristic of being the only shipyard that has been preserved to this day.

A 5-line embossed inscription 4 m above the entrance door stands out. I .Alaaddin Ketkubat The coat of arms of the sultan, located in the middle of two rosettes, can be seen on the first line of the inscription, where he is praised as the sultan of the land and the two seas.

Today, it serves as a museum where maritime and ship issues are handled. While walking on a wooden walkway from the entrance 1.1 antique crane in the eye, 2.the favorite in the Ottoman Navy is 1 uncoated Czech boat, which is a fast sailing sailboat used for logistics and replenishment in every period, 1 mizena (mast located in the stern section of the boat) and 1 seren (part placed horizontally to sail on the mast), 3.1 main mast (the longest mast of the boat), tools used in shipbuilding and a fresh water well in the eye, 4.favorite anchors of antiquity, can see the instruments used in determining the direction on favorite ships.

Alanya Lighthouse

The Alanya Lighthouse is located on the left side on Kale Street, which leads to the gate near the main entrance of the Alanya Castle. Only the tip of the lantern tower is visible from the road at Hisariçi location. Alanya Lantern sign is seen next to the garden gate. The height of the lighthouse, which was built on the historical bastions of the Alanya Castle, is 209 meters above the sea and its side is a cemetery.

The Alanya Lighthouse, whose tower height is 6 meters, was built by the Ottoman Empire to the French in 1880. The Alanya Lighthouse is a route lighthouse with a viewing distance of 20 nautical miles for ships cruising in the Mediterranean Sea. The French operated the Alanya Lighthouse until 1936. On this date, it was taken back from the French and nationalized.

The Alanya Lighthouse was established on an area of 2 acres and today the lighthouse and the guard building have been taken under protection by the General Directorate of Coastal Safety and Ship Rescue Enterprises as a national heritage. The Alanya Lighthouse, which is the only historical lighthouse in the region, technically has a built-in lantern system. The lighthouse also serves ships cruising in the Mediterranean today.