Property in Turkey, affordable home or rental income is an excellent choice for buying and selling on behalf of a profitable investment for the future again. confer citizenship Investor $ 250,000 property purchases by Turkey, has become one of the most desirable destination for having a second home.

The Turkish Citizenship by Investment Program is one of the most affordable global programs with second citizenship available in just two months. Investors can buy a single property or multiple properties to generate the required value.

With its increasing number, foreign investors are looking for a quiet seaside apartment, villa or penthouse in Alanya as an alternative summer residence. The focus of Aydemir Group is to make new living spaces for investors suitable for their long-term growth potential.

Alanya, Turkey’s real estate is among the most popular tourist location. It is one of the best markets for both Turkish and foreign buyers who want to enter this market. While the city offers complete opportunities for a comfortable and prestigious life including the shopping mall, marina, shops and nightclubs, it focuses on modern life with the latest architectural trends and quality tourism structure.

Apartments in residential complexes are in high demand all year round and have a strong sales potential. These complexes offer a wide range of services and are located in regions with well developed infrastructure. Some real estate partners offer guaranteed rental income purchase options for a secure income stream.

Turkey, represents an extremely reliable market in the country. The country’s economy is one of the twenty largest economies in the world and has a stable growth power. As real estate prices continue to rise day by day, investors who bought properties a few years ago reach high sales rates with excellent profit margins. While the real estate market continues to grow year by year; In Turkey, the new building maintains its luxury developments, including supply continuity.