As Aydemir Group, after purchasing a house, we assist you in the process of getting the title deed.

What is Tıtle Deed?

Title deed (TAPU) – It is a legal document showing that you have the property right. The full name of the owner, his photograph and detailed information about the assets are shown in this document.

Things To Do To Get Title Deed:

Before obtaining a certificate, the buyer must close all issues with the purchase of real estate: select an object, conduct an independent appraisal of the cost, take out insurance, sign a contract of sale and transfer money to the seller.

Only after that, an application is submitted for a TAPU, for which the buyer and seller must come together to the cadastral authorities and sign documents on the absence of claims.

The procedure for obtaining a document
1. First, the buyer selects a property based on their preferences
2. Next, the market value of real estate is assessed, which is carried out according to international standards. The TAPU certificate indicates the value based on the results of the assessment (cadastral value), even if the actual transaction price was higher. This can be beneficial for the owner, because taxes and fees for issuing a TAPU certificate are charged on the appraised value
3. To receive TAPU, you will also need a policy of compulsory insurance against damage after earthquakes and other natural disasters – DASK. The cost depends on many parameters: real estate area, type of construction and seismic activity in the area
4. Important to know: the full cost of the apartment and tax expenses must be paid before registering TAPU
5. On the appointed day, the buyer and seller, or their authorized representatives, come to the cadastral office at the location of the property. At the meeting, the buyer and the seller report that there are no claims against each other, after which information about the new owner is entered into the state register of real estate. The buyer becomes the full owner of the property
Types of Tıtle Deed:
1. red – certificate of ownership of a property with residential or commercial buildings: apartments, cottages, private houses or commercial premises;
2. blue – certificate of ownership of the land.
How to calculate the cost of TAPU registration
Registration of the right to property approximately costs 2000 €.
From 2020, the cost of registering Tapu for any object is 4% of its cadastral price.
In addition to the cost of the document itself, a foreign investor will need to pay other related costs:
• Fixed registration fee (depends on the number of owners that will be included in the document.
• Payment for an expert assessment of housing.
The Аydemir Group campaign will help you with the process of obtaining ownership of the apartments we build for you.