The option to apply for Turkish citizenship through investment is provided under the “Law on Regulations Related to Foreigners in Turkish Citizenship Law.” This regulation allows the acquisition of Turkish citizenship in exchange for a certain investment amount.

According to this regulation, in order to apply for Turkish citizenship through investment, you need to make a certain amount of investment. Based on current information, a foreign individual needs to make a minimum investment of 400,000 USD (United States Dollars) to be eligible for Turkish citizenship.

This investment amount can be allocated towards various investment options such as real estate purchase in Turkey, capital investment, job creation, or bank deposits. The investment may need to meet specific criteria and be held for a certain period of time. Additionally, the investor is required to reside in Turkey and fulfill other application requirements.

The citizenship application and investment process proceed according to the procedures determined by the Ministry of Interior of Turkey or the relevant official authorities. Therefore, it is important to contact the relevant official authorities in Turkey to verify the most up-to-date and accurate information regarding the application process, requirements, and investment options.

Keep in mind that the option to apply for Turkish citizenship through investment is a special option available to individuals who can meet a certain investment amount. Before choosing this path, it is important to consult with an expert advisor and fully understand the legal requirements.